Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's a bake-a-thon!

Well, here at Cutiepie HQ we are very busy preparing for Boudicca's Feast this Sunday and a Little Cuties Cupcake Decorating Party this Saturday. 208 cupcakes to bake - we have made 66 so far and counting!

Come along to Boudicca's Feast for a special Cutiepie Cupcakes offer - four cupcakes for £6.00, a saving of 25%. The event is to help raise funds for Dragon Hall in Norwich. Come along and see us, we will have the following flavours available to taste - (hopefully they will tantalise your taste buds!) Truly Madly Chocolate, Pure Indulgence, Lemon Zinger and Nicely Spiced.

If you are interested in booking a cupcake decorating party for your son or daughter then please visit my website for more details. July weekends are fully booked but we have some weekday slots available and are taking bookings for August.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Goodbye old packaging, hello new!

As part of our website re-launch we decided to re-vamp our boxes so that they fit in nicely with our logo and branding. Our old packaging (right) gracefully gave way to our new packaging (left). As you can see, at Cutiepie Cupcakes, we understand that it's the whole package (and not just the cakes themselves) which matters so we like to go out of our way to make the whole cupcake experience luxurious and indulgent. Why not give a friend or relative some beautifully boxed cupcakes for a special occasion? Or how about taking some to a party as a gift for the host? We are sure that anyone would be thrilled to receive a box of our delicious delights! We only require 24 - 48 hours notice to produce small quantities of our standard range of cupcakes so why not give us a call?

Friday, 18 June 2010

Photo shoot preparations

We recently had a photo shoot because we are getting ready to launch our new website (it will be live at the end of July). Obviously this meant we had to get very busy baking every single type of cake we sell for their starring moment being photographed by Chris Hylton. We started off by making a few sugar paste decorations so they had time to dry before we wanted to decorate the cakes.

Next we whipped up loads of different cupcake batters, popped it into cases and then........waited..........and drank a nice cup of tea from our favourite cupcake themed mug (we love our tea at Cutiepie Cupcakes!) until they were cooked.

When the cakes had cooled we set to and decorated them taking extra care to have them looking picture perfect - the camera sees every imperfection and we don't like to be too reliant on photoshop! We think they turned out pretty well and you will be able to see the full results soon.

Happy things # 1

As promised, here is the first of the things (other than cupcakes) which make us happy. These are Ellie's fantastic new slippers which she thinks make her feet look rather like ladybirds - excellent, who wouldn't want their feet to look like nature's cheeriest insect?

Look out for the next installment of 'Happy things' which will feature a rather lovely 1950s vintage apron which we purchased at a fair in the gorgeous village of Heydon recently!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Busy times at Cutiepie HQ

We have been very busy here at Cutiepie HQ. Developing new flavours, designing new packaging, shooting photos for our new website - it's all been exciting and quite exhausting.

After running a competition for our Facebook group members to suggest a new 'flavour of the month' two winners were selected 'Chocolate and Cardamom' and 'Green Tea' so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

We got our trusty old fashioned scales out (we still measure in ounces!) and whipped up a batch of each. We were very excited by the Matcha green tea we ordered to make the frosting - pretty packaging! The cakes themselves were chocolate with green tea infused milk added to them - we put the tea bags in the milk overnight to get the right strength, here's the result.

We added a touch of chilli to the chocolate and cardamom cakes which worked really well and decided to top them with homemade chocolate ganache rather than buttercream for a slightly more sophisticated finish and topped them off with crushed pistachios. The cakes themselves turned out extra moist and yummy thanks to the addition of ground almonds.

Thanks to our Facebook fans for their fab suggestions - these two flavours will feature during May and June and a box of them is winging its way to the winners as a sign of our appreciation.

Welcome to our new blog!

That's right, Cutiepie Cupcakes have their own blog. We plan to use it to share our cupcake related adventures with you along with promotions, new flavours, competitions and other exciting stuff.

For us
at Cutiepie, yummy cupcakes = happiness so we will have regular posts featuring all of the other things that make us happy.

Look out for our new website which is due to be launched at the end of July and be sure to find us on Facebook.