Thursday, 17 June 2010

Busy times at Cutiepie HQ

We have been very busy here at Cutiepie HQ. Developing new flavours, designing new packaging, shooting photos for our new website - it's all been exciting and quite exhausting.

After running a competition for our Facebook group members to suggest a new 'flavour of the month' two winners were selected 'Chocolate and Cardamom' and 'Green Tea' so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

We got our trusty old fashioned scales out (we still measure in ounces!) and whipped up a batch of each. We were very excited by the Matcha green tea we ordered to make the frosting - pretty packaging! The cakes themselves were chocolate with green tea infused milk added to them - we put the tea bags in the milk overnight to get the right strength, here's the result.

We added a touch of chilli to the chocolate and cardamom cakes which worked really well and decided to top them with homemade chocolate ganache rather than buttercream for a slightly more sophisticated finish and topped them off with crushed pistachios. The cakes themselves turned out extra moist and yummy thanks to the addition of ground almonds.

Thanks to our Facebook fans for their fab suggestions - these two flavours will feature during May and June and a box of them is winging its way to the winners as a sign of our appreciation.

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