Friday, 18 June 2010

Photo shoot preparations

We recently had a photo shoot because we are getting ready to launch our new website (it will be live at the end of July). Obviously this meant we had to get very busy baking every single type of cake we sell for their starring moment being photographed by Chris Hylton. We started off by making a few sugar paste decorations so they had time to dry before we wanted to decorate the cakes.

Next we whipped up loads of different cupcake batters, popped it into cases and then........waited..........and drank a nice cup of tea from our favourite cupcake themed mug (we love our tea at Cutiepie Cupcakes!) until they were cooked.

When the cakes had cooled we set to and decorated them taking extra care to have them looking picture perfect - the camera sees every imperfection and we don't like to be too reliant on photoshop! We think they turned out pretty well and you will be able to see the full results soon.

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