Sunday, 20 June 2010

Goodbye old packaging, hello new!

As part of our website re-launch we decided to re-vamp our boxes so that they fit in nicely with our logo and branding. Our old packaging (right) gracefully gave way to our new packaging (left). As you can see, at Cutiepie Cupcakes, we understand that it's the whole package (and not just the cakes themselves) which matters so we like to go out of our way to make the whole cupcake experience luxurious and indulgent. Why not give a friend or relative some beautifully boxed cupcakes for a special occasion? Or how about taking some to a party as a gift for the host? We are sure that anyone would be thrilled to receive a box of our delicious delights! We only require 24 - 48 hours notice to produce small quantities of our standard range of cupcakes so why not give us a call?


  1. I just love Cupcakes. I like you old packaging design but new one is best and perfectly match your logo .It really gives luxurious look to cupcakes packaging. This can be a good choice to gift someone as they are so delicious with extra effect of their packaging.